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Equal Recordings (also referred to as =QUAL) is a Detroit based record label acting as an amplifier for bleeding edge artists from Michigan and beyond. While listening to our discography, you’ll notice a heavy emphasis on electronic music, as this is how we’ve evolved over the years, while staying true to our skate-punk-rock-industrial roots. Collectively, we’re extremely indie/DIY at the core, and we hope you appreciate the rules we break, as much as we enjoy breaking them.





Charles R Pearson
Charles R Pearson Electronic Artist/DJ

Raised in suburban Chicago, landing in Detroit at the right moment in the middle 1990’s Charles’ influences include: Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, King Crimson, Robert Fripp, Roxy Music, The Stooges, Black Sabbath, TREX, Prince, Cluster, Neu, Phuture, Larry Heard, Jesse Saunders, Adonis, Trax Records, Wax Trax Records,

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LITHOPEDION Electronic Artist

Blending dream pop, trip hop, and the minimalistic sounds of early electronic music, Lithopedion's music is at once eerie and ethereal, gritty and majestic. Lithopedion's Shenyah Webb was born and raised in metro Detroit, MI. As a young teenager, she was a fixture in the legendary Detroit techno scene of

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Bileebob Electronic Artist/DJ

Bileebob creates sexy electronic music featuring vocals, soft & hard synths, acoustic guitars, and life sounds. He has been involved with the Detroit and Midwest electronic music scene since the mid 90’s. He has performed internationally in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland and Nova Scotia as a member of the Detroit

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Freedom From Concern
Freedom From Concern Post-Punk Rock Band

Emerging from the small town of Ypsilanti Michigan in 2018, Freedom From Concern (often referred to as FFC) raised from the freshly filled grave of their sentimentally held high school punk band Spooky Basements. Founded by Singer/Bassist (toilet puncher) Jay Maronen, Guitarist/Singer (secretly not Batman) Colin Robertson, and Drummer ("I'm

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DJ Chris Lowell
Chris Lowell Electronic Artist/DJ

Chris Lowell’s hypnotic, organically textured blend of house and techno carries with it the collective influence of the deep and melodic sounds of Detroit. With an impressive catalog of releases including a spot on the legendary Movement Detroit Compilation, he discovered dance music in the late 90’s - one of

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